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     The raven man shook his head lightly as Minnie begun to speak about her weight. There was no denying that Minnie’s stomach had grown larger, but it wasn’t as there wasn’t a reason for it.

             "You’re not a whale."
         He thought about saying more, but instead he rested his arm around her softly as she sat done next to him. Though he lightly bit down on his lip as Minnie reminded him about her due date being a month a way.

      “A month that will come faster than we both think.”


       ”I’m not a whale, but I sure feel like one.”

   Minnie wanted to speak up, apologize once more for the things that had brought them here to this moment; instead, she kept it inside per usual. He would keep his thoughts to himself, just as she would — and that was how they would deal with this; it was the only way there truly was to deal with this.

   ”I wish it would come now. I want to look normal again. I want to feel normal…”

    But she would never truly feel normal — not with the fact that in a months time, she would be a mother. That in itself wasn’t normal. Then again, what about her life in the past year had been normal? On the other hand, she was excited…despite the details that surrounded the situation.

     As the girl become to walk his way, Damon sat up straight, and turned his body to face hers. He was still a bit worn out, but with Minnie here, he was going to wake himself up.

   ”Is she keeping you up again?” 
           He asked, even though the thought of a baby being inside her still                                                 made him feel week.


"And we don’t. But most vampires aren’t putting together an entire nursery                                      all day. Excuse me for being a a bit tired."

      Minnie just nodded, her hand holding over her bloated stomach as she made her way to sit on the couch. It was becoming a feat for her to stay up an walking for too long — perks of being 8 months pregnant, apparently.

   ”I’d gladly trade with you. I think i’d much rather put together a nursery than feel like a giant whale for another minute…”

   Her head turned towards Damon then, forcing the smallest of smiles though she knew what he was thinking. She was still sorry about it, for it, regarding it…still, she hoped that he might eventually warm up to the fact.

"You didn’t have to get it done in a day, you know. We’ve got a whole month…"

          Letting out a slight groan, Damon adjusted his body slightly in the direction of                                        someone’s sweet sounding voice. 

              “Have you come to join me in my slumber?” 
                                  He said as he tried to wipe the   blurred lines out of his eyes.

"As if I’ll ever be sleeping again…"

      Minnie let out, bringing a singular hand up to her forehead before she moved away the stray hair that fell into her face. Seconds later, she was taking steps toward him.

"I thought vampires didn’t need sleep?"

       She was teasing him now, of course, with memories from nearly a year ago coming into her mind.



         I didn’t even know it was possible,
 for vampire’s to be this exhausted.
                  But what do ya know, it is.


        Is he sleeping? Minnie huffed out a sort-of laugh as she crossed her arms over her chest, head tilted as she watched him.

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//i find you perfect, molly mouse

PS: I love you